Custom made Nike x Off White Air Force 1 MCA. The shoes were designed at Merchsweden's request by Adrian Floren and painted by SneakersByTJ in memory of Nils "NS1 Einar" Grönberg. Einar wore a pair of the Nike x Off White Air Force 1 MCA shoes in the music video for he and ADAAM's song DANCE.

On the shoe's design we find a silhouette of Nils' appearance surrounded by all his song titles & lyrics. Einar broke through at the age of 16 with his song "Katten i trakten" which quickly climbed the charts. Unfortunately, his promising career came to an early end after his early death in the fall of 2021. Even today, Nils Einar Grönberg is one of the late 2010s and 2020s most played and noticed artists in Sweden.

Air Force 1 "MCA x NS1" was worn by Victor Leksell during his concert at Gröna Lund on 16/8-22 where he played, among other things, their newly released, previously recorded song "Din Låt". Now the shoes are owned by, among others, Victor Leksell and Einar's family.


Jag är ett stoff fän av einar och det hade varit fet med ett par einar skor som prydnad.

— Milton


— Ali


— mulamba Kimwanga

Jag följer er dig på TikTok

— Jack Vestin

Jag följer er dig på TikTok

— Jack Vestin

Jag följer er dig på TikTok

— Jack Vestin

Han skapade svensk rapp, han skapade mer än rapp. Han var en sann artist. Till minne av Einar.

— William.E

När Einar dog då dog svensk rap

— Alexander thomsson