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When changing the shoelaces on your favorite shoes, you first need to find out what length works best with your shoes. If you have shoelaces that are too long or too short, it can affect how your shoes work and look.

The easiest way to find the correct length is to measure the shoelace you intend to replace. Then you can buy the same length, should it not be possible to measure the shoelaces, you can follow this guide to find the right length depending on the number of lace holes in your shoes.

  • 4 lace holes: 69cm
  • 5 lace holes: 91 cm
  • 6-7 lace holes: 114 cm
  • 8 lace holes: 137 cm
  • 9-10 lace holes: 152 cm
  • 10 lace holes: 183 cm

Remember that these are recommendations only. Show shoes may require shorter or longer schooners due to their design.

When it comes to the color of the laces, there are really no rules about what is right and wrong, buy the color you think suits you best. For example, Nike ships with a pair of pink shoelaces for the Jordan 1 Mocha High, which many people use. So be creative and buy the laces that you think are nice and that can match with your outfit.

However, if you want a regular color on your laces, we recommend that you buy the same color as the original laces, if they are still there and you don't remember the color, a rule of thumb is that you buy the laces in one of the shoes' base colors. Take the Jordan 1 Hyper Royal Mid for example, there are the base colors, black and blue. There you can buy black or blue laces in the same shade as the shoe to make them blend in better.