barbie vs. Oppenheimer has become the movie duel of the decade and has created huge hype ahead of their joint premiere on July 21st. Internet memes and collections have helped raise expectations even further. Now another big brand is entering the game - Nike.

This time, Nike presents a Barbie Dunk Low shoe in a beautiful washed pink suede base with hot pink leather overlays and a stylish vanilla white midsole. The shoe's basic design exudes the Barbie theme, and a glittering "N" adorns each foot, tying the shoe together with Barbie's signature glamour. To add even more star shine, the translucent pink outsole is also sprinkled with glitter, giving the shoe an extra touch of luxury, although it's a subtle detail compared to the bling on the upper.

So far, no official release date or price details have come out, but if previous releases of Special Edition Dunks are any indication, these Barbie Dunk Lows can be expected to cost around SEK 1,500. According to rumors, Nike is also planning to release more sneakers with the same Barbie theme, and these, along with the Dunks, are expected to be available on shelves in the coming weeks. They will likely be available on Nike's website, SNKRS, and at select retailers.

So if you're a fan of Barbie and interested in stylish sneakers, keep an eye out for these Barbie Dunk Lows and other upcoming Barbie-themed shoes from Nike. It looks like it will be an exciting addition to the sneaker collection for Barbie enthusiasts and shoe lovers in general.