After the recent controversy, breakup and tense atmosphere, it is now rumored that the brands will soon release their final collaborations. Here's a summary of what we know so far about the upcoming releases.

It's been over a month since adidas released their latest YEEZY collection. The duo, who ended their collaboration last year due to Kanye West's anti-Semitic and hateful comments, have now agreed through a court case to allow the remaining collections to be released. This has piqued the interest of many, and it appears that retailer Foot Locker plans to release an extensive lineup of adidas YEEZYs next month.

Some images have already started to leak, and it seems that the adidas YEEZY SLIDE is in focus. These slippers have long been popular in the collaboration, and the latest leaks show two different designs: the stripped-down "Slate Marine" and the colorful "Mx Moon." These two styles represent both YEEZY's natural color tones and more abstract patterns, something new for the slipper. In addition, online discussions have mentioned "Bone", "Glow Green" and "Slate Grey" colors, but confirmed images are still missing.

For those interested in the YEEZY FOAM RNNR, these have also appeared in leaks. The shoes come in the cement-like colorway "Taupe" and its full-coverage foam design has piqued the interest of many before Kanye's controversial outing.

Another model that has received a lot of attention is the YEEZY QNTM in "Orange". Official images from adidas showcase the shoe's PrimeKnit upper with an art material top layer, a combination of orange and black tones in an almost tiger-stripe pattern. This design is slightly more unconventional compared to previous releases which included "Flash Orange".

Last but not least, images of the rugged YEEZY 500 High Tactical Boot have also leaked. This shoe is almost double the height of the regular 500 High and covers the lower shins with a militant lacing. Expected colors for these are "Utility Black" and "Sand". Additionally, images of the more conventional YEEZY 500 Low have also leaked, giving us a look at the popular chunky model in "Bone White."

While no official release dates have been revealed yet, we'll probably see something of this before the end of the summer. The leaked images and information come from credible sources, giving us a taste of what to expect when these highly anticipated collections are released. So stay tuned and eagerly await the upcoming releases!