Pharrell Williams is a well-known icon with many talents. Together with Chad Hugo, he formed the producer duo "The Neptunes", and during the late 90's and early 00's they were highly sought after in the music industry. They created beats for big names like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake. Pharrell also led several of his own music projects which later resulted in a solo career with monster hits such as "Happy".

Throughout his career, Pharrell has had a unique style that has drawn attention in both the music and fashion worlds. He is known for his often colourful, animated and eclectic wardrobe which often includes labels such as BAPE and his own label Billionaire Boys Club. Despite being a major influence, he has always managed to maintain his own unique style.

Recently, Pharrell has focused heavily on collaborations with brands such as adidas and his own skincare brand Humanrace, as well as appearing with classic names such as Chanel. Now it's time for him to take full control of another major brand he's been in touch with over the years: Louis Vuitton.

Pharrell Williams has previously collaborated with the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Together with BAPE founder Nigo, he created a sunglass collection called "Millionaire" in the 00s. These sunglasses became very popular and have been worn by many, including Kanye West and former Louis Vuitton creator Virgil Abloh.

It remains to be seen how well Pharrell's outgoing and playful design style will mesh with Louis Vuitton's philosophy. So far, no prototypes or ideas have been shown for the upcoming collection, but Louis Vuitton has revealed that the first collection under Pharrell's leadership will be shown during Paris Fashion Week in June.