Have you ever seen and reflected on the abbreviations, usually two letters, written on your shoe box, what they actually mean? Whether the answer is yes or no, I have the explanation here.

These abbreviations are used to describe different models. With these letters, you can then find out what kind of fit, design, how rare the sneakers are and more. Let me start by going over all of Nike's various terms.

GS - Grade School

The Grade School tag means they are made for those in elementary/middle school and are available in sizes EU40 and down. It means that the fit is slightly tighter, and that the design looks a little different from one of the same model that is not GS.

SB - Skateboarding

These sneakers are basically created for skateboarders and usually come with a thicker tongue and edges than regular models. This is to create a nicer and softer fit. A common model with the SB tag is the Nike Dunk Low.

SP - Special Project

Nike SP represents the highest quality shoes of the Nike models and is also awarded to special projects. Just as the name suggests.

SE - Special Edition

Special Edition, maybe sounds more fancy than it is. It actually happens that many of our best sellers are of this variety. Among other things, Jordan 1 "Grey Green" Mid

QS - Quickstrike

QS is the shoe that is rare and not released in a large set and only at selected stores that have a strong relationship with Nike. WE have, for example, the Nike SB Dunk Greatful Dead Low models that are both SB and QS.

HS - Hyperstrike

Hyperstrike are incredibly rare models, even rarer than QS. These models give Nike mainly to FNF (Friends and Family) of artists and celebrities. For example, the Nike Air Force 1 "Playstation", which was only released to Sony employees in 2006.

PRM - Premium

The premium models are usually created with exclusive and high-quality materials. For example like the Jordan 1 Elephant Print Low which is one of those models.

AND - Original