Are your sneakers clean and nice? If not, are you taking care of them properly? If you take care of your shoes properly, they will not only look better but also last longer. In this post, you will learn how to clean and protect your sneakers from us.

The first thing you can think of is to like to own and use several different pairs of shoes, so you don't wear out the same pair immediately and then change sneakers. Not only does this help with longevity, but you can also create a much greater variety in your wardrobe. After each use, you should also put in a shoe block or something that fills out the shoe and makes it keep its shape. This can be a towel, newspaper or a sweater. Wiping the shoe, if it is wet, helps prevent the sneaker from drying out.

It also applies that you wash your sneaker at regular intervals. In combination with protecting it with a creasing protection and protection spray .

Step 1: Crep Protect Cleaning Kit

Get out your dirty sneakers. Take out the shoelaces and set them aside. Get a bowl of warm-lukewarm water. Pour some of the cleaner onto the brush that comes in the package and dip it lightly into the water. Start by scrubbing the shoe so that a light foam forms on the entire product. When you think your shoe looks clean, wipe it with the microfiber cloth and let it dry.

Step 2: Protect your sneakers for the future

If you have white or black shoes that have stains that won't go away, you can use Crep Protect Mark-On Pen and paint over the stains that won't go away. Let dry. Then use the Crep Protect Protection Can which repels water and dirt. Spray two coats and let dry in between for the perfect result.

If you have a pair of sneakers that are not made of fabric, we recommend using a pair of anti-creasing protectors that prevent creases at the toe of the shoes. Apply them lightly by pressing them in at the front of the toe and then wear the shoes as usual.

If your shoes are already creased, we recommend taking a look at our previous blog post on how you can almost remove them using an iron. You can find the post here .

Create your own sneakers with this simple trick.

Are you really interested in a pair of shoes that are trending right now but want to be a bit unique? Then we have the solution for you! A pair of shoelaces are perfect for creating a whole new pair of sneakers from an already used pair or to spice things up a bit. You will find shoelaces and many different colors here .