Do you know what I mean by all these words? Not? Of course, it is an item that can be used to smooth your sneakers between uses.

The eternal stress with new sneakers is the risk that they will get dirty and ugly quickly. Everyone has felt it, and it's something you can't skip. Shoes wear out over time and something you have to wear all year round regardless of the season.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce stress and avoid worrying as much. We have previously written about creasing protection and how to remove creases after they have already occurred.

While Anti-creasing protection protects while you're wearing it, our latest addition from Crep Protect keeps the shoes in shape while you're not wearing them.

We welcome the Crep Protect Shoe Tree , a perfect product that you easily put into your sneaker that pushes up the toe and makes creases not settle as hard.

Crep Protect Shoe Tree keeps the shape of your shoes, reduces creases and facilitates cleaning. Use daily to extend the life of your sneakers. Easily place in both shoes. Has a soft velvet surface to avoid damage to the inside of the shoe.

By combining the use of anti-creasing protection, shoe trees and regular washing, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your sneakers.