The only downside to using shoes is that they will get creases and blemishes. No matter how carefully you use them. The good news is that you don't have to settle for wrinkles, you can reduce them.

The first thing you can do to reduce wrinkles in the first place is to use an anti-creasing protection. You can buy them here. These are inserted at the front of the toe of the shoe and reduce the creases that occur when you stand, sit or walk. Highly recommended by us!

If it is already too late and you have already got folds or creases, as they are called in English, with the help of a few tricks and tools, you can fix them very well!

You need:

  • Iron
  • Towel
  • Newsprint/Shoe block
  • Water
  • A pair of sneakers

Step 1 is to fill your sneaker with a material such as newspaper or a shoe block, this so that the surface at the toe will be as tight as possible. Socks or an old shirt also work for this. At step 2 you need to wet a towel, a thicker towel works best but a kitchen towel also works. A slightly thicker towel is good so you don't accidentally burn the material on the shoe. Step 3, place the towel directly over the toe, where the folds are. Step 4, turn on the iron to around 20 degrees Celsius and start ironing the towel in 10 second intervals. Check the shoe between each interval and keep an eye so you don't burn the shoe. Once the creases are gone, step 5 to remove is to stop ironing and remove the towel. Leave the filling in the shoe until it has cooled.

Now your shoes are almost like new again, continue this process until all creases are gone and repeat on all sneakers you want to fix. Tip for the future is to buy a creasing protection to prevent creases from the very beginning.

This method works best on leather or synthetic leather shoes but will work on suede shoes as well. Just make sure the towel is only slightly damp as suede and water are not best friends.